El Catrachito

Rating: ★★★★★

23698705_10155907533418011_1641084062_o (1)I entered El Catrachito, a tiny restaurant in Wheaton in what clearly used to be a railroad car-style diner, having little idea what Honduran food was. I left wondering why it isn’t more popular. Mexico has its tacos and El Salvador has its pupusas while Honduras has baleadas. What are baleadas, you ask? Well they are a deliciously unhealthy tortilla folded over and filled with refried beans, scrambled eggs, avocado and cream. I ordered the 23698692_10155907533373011_2056908180_o (1)baleadas mixtas which also had deliciously-seasoned chicken and beef thrown in for good measure. Make no mistake: there is nothing remotely healthy about these bad boys. But they are extremely satisfying.

This cute little spot is nothing remotely fancy but it certainly is delicious and well-worth a visit.

El Catrachito is located at 2408 Univ Blvd W in Wheaton, MD.