Shake Shack Breakfast

Rating: ★★★★★

13467592_10154297232413011_1325889822_o.jpgIt is a little-known fact that Shake Shack offers breakfast. But before you get too excited, breakfast is only available in DC at Union Station on weekdays. Shake Shack only offers its breakfast at a handful of other locations including JFK Airport and Grand Central Station in NYC, as well as the airport in Dubai. I am at a loss to explain why it is not offered at more locations since Shake Shack’s breakfast is a thing of beauty and simplicity. Their sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich (bacon is offered as well) is basically a breakfast sandwich equivalent of their burger and, while basic, is one of the tastiest breakfast sandwiches in DC. This is no Sausage McMuffin- the sausage is freshly grilled and high-quality and comes with a freshly fried egg (or two if you’d like) on a potato roll. I always appreciate Shake Shack’s commitment to quality in every item they serve, and this shows in their coffee as well. Instead of serving mediocre coffee at breakfast like Five Guys and Subway do, they serve Stumptown Coffee, both hot and cold brew. The only drawback is that the breakfast sandwich and a cold brew coffee together will set you back approximately $11, but if you don’t mind a splurge from time to time, I highly recommend making a pit stop at Shake Shack if you pass through Union Station on your morning commute.



13169795_10154199087533011_1564743202_oBojangles is, of course, a fried chicken chain (with a Cajun twist), as well as a trashy Pitbull song. And it’s not even a DC-based chain (it’s based in Charlotte, NC). I did, however, choose to write it up because there is only one Bojangles in DC (located in Union Station), plus a few in the suburbs, and this is one of the northernmost Bojangles that exists, aside from ones in Largo, New Carrolton, and Reading, PA. As such, not a lot of Yankees like myself regularly try Bojanglesand while writing up fast food might make me lose my street cred, I don’t care. Their fried chicken is tasty and their biscuits are rich and buttery. It is a bit odd that they claim to be Cajun since they’re based in NC and aside from a slight kick, their “Cajun Pintos” tasted pretty average. The real star of the show, however, was the sweet potato pie. It 13148422_10154199087483011_883938487_o (1)comes in a package that looks like a McDonald’s pie, but don’t be fooled. The crust is an amazing, deliciously greasy, fried piece of goodness and the sweet potato filling isn’t as sickeningly sweet and syrupy as its McDonald’s coutnerparts. I’ll be tempted just to grab a sweet potato pie next time I swing through Union Station. The Bojangles sweet potato pie may not have a viral video to go with it like the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pies do, but it should. Voulez-vous manger avec moi, ce soir?