Capital City Cheesecake

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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A coffee and a key lime cheesecake.

Capital City Cheesecake is a coffee shop and cheesecake bakery located at 7071 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park. It is a decent coffee shop that serves a variety of cheesecakes. I had a key lime cheesecake which was tasty but a little on the icy cold side and small for the price. It’s a good bet for a coffee shop if you’re in the area, though not worth a large detour.


Mark’s Kitchen

Ratting: ★★★★★


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Top: veggie dumplings. Bottom left: kimchi egg roll. Bottom right: kimchi pancake.

Mark’s Kitchen is a local, no-frills, eatery with a delicious blend of Korean food and American comfort food located at7006 Carroll Ave in Takoma Park, just across the DC-MD line. The place has no decor, but you won’t care because the food is excellent and the wait staff is very friendly. I went for lunch and got a trio of appetizers dim sum-style, including fried veggie dumplings, a kimchi fritter and a kimchi egg roll. All three were awesome, especially the dumplings which were some of the best I’ve ever had- crispy and fried to perfection. This place is a gem and a local institution and worth a detour. It’s great for vegetarians (vegetarian and vegan places in Takoma Park and Takoma are a legacy of the Seventh Day Adventists- Takoma Park used to be their world headquarters) but Mark’s Kitchen has plenty of meat options as well for the carnivore.