13054910_10154155693253011_112881552_oBel-Feast is a Russian food truck. You can find their location on their Twitter. They bill themselves as having food with a Russian accent, and they mean that literally. The very friendly owner certainly has a thick Russian accent and cheerfully serves delicious Russian classics like borscht and blinis (Russian Crepes). Since I’m not a huge fan of beets, I always assumed I would hate borscht, but I became hooked on it when I spent a summer in Tajikistan. The trouble is, it’s hard to find places 13072054_10154155693088011_769679890_oin the area that make a good borscht. Fortunately, Bel-Feast’s borscht is spot-on. Be sure to mix the sour cream into the borscht, since this is the correct way to eat it. I ordered the borscht and meat blin combo, which was delicious, filling, and reasonably priced at $10. I also ordered a kvas, a Russian malt beverage. The owner loved the fact that I was ordering such a classic item, and while it wasn’t to my taste, I respect places that don’t try to just cater to American tastes and that actually offer authentic options (though Bel-Feast did make its portions larger to cater to Americans, the flavors are authentic). The I highly recommend Bel-Feast as a welcome change from the ubiquitous kabob trucks.