RFK Stadium Concessions

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

13933180_10154427286123011_1120024438_n13936631_10154427286098011_181584194_nWhen I found myself at RFK stadium for my first Major League Soccer game (DC United vs. the Montreal Impact) I figured I would use the opportunity to explore the food options. I read an article in DCist about how RFK Stadium’s concessions had been rated among the best in the country because of its handmade, Latin American offerings like pupusas and local offerings like half-smokes. The variety was certainly there, but the quality wasn’t. I started by ordering pork and cheese pupusas, but when I bit into my pupusas, there was no pork to be found. I was left with rather bland, dry, marginal pupusas, which was a disappointment.

Next, I ate a half-smoke, which was cooked on a hot dog roller (like everything at RFK, the concessions are makeshift since the actual kitchen equipment that may once have been there has been taken out). It was also mediocre, 13933184_10154427286108011_1657154521_ntopped with average chili, nacho cheese sauce and unpleasantly pungent.  The biggest redeeming quality of the concessions is the $10 Tecate, which sounds expensive until you realize that they give you 24 ounces of it. It’s poured into a cup out of a huge can because (of course) they don’t have taps.