Sharks Fish and Chicken

Rating: ★★★★☆

14741731_10154651182223011_167203323_nSharks Fish and Chicken is a DC branch of a chain hailing from the South Side of Chicago, located at 4049 Minnesota Ave NE. Sharks Fish and Chicken offers a large variety of fried fish and fried chicken options in a bright, spotlessly clean storefront. A word of caution about the neighborhood: Minnesota Avenue is rapidly developing with new retail and residential units, but it’s still not the safest part of town. That said, it is DistrictNoms’ goal to highlight noteworthy food spots in all 14741626_10154651182258011_452248138_nneighborhoods. Sharks Fish and Chicken is especially noteworthy for its fantastic deals if you’re buying in bulk. Take the 50 pieces of fried chicken (legs and thighs) for $36.99, for instance. That works out to approximately $0.75 per piece! There are other good bulk deals for fish, but the fried chicken deal is the best in my opinion. I ordered a”small” combo dinner, which was a lot of food for the price. I got two chicken tenders plus a catfish filet and fries. The crinkle-cut fried were nothing special and almost certainly came out of a bag. The chicken tenders were actually tender and were certainly real, juicy white meat chicken. However, I could have used a bit more seasoning on them. The catfish filet was thin, but huge and the crispy batter was delicious. It made for a tasty sandwich with hot sauce and tartar sauce. Unlike other DC fish spots where whiting is the star, like Horace and Dickies, catfish is apparently the thing to get at Sharks, though whiting is available too and for a cheaper price.