Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar




“Fried” plantains (top left), curry cabbage (right) and coconut “crab” cake (bottom left).

Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar is located at 402 H St NE. It is a combination of a vegan raw food eatery, a juice bar, and a shop selling an eclectic mix of African products and books, some of which include books about Islam, Christianity, Judaism and … Scientology?? There is also a book that claims that vaccines are dangerous. As you can already tell, this is a really quirky place. Ok, I’m being diplomatic; this is a downright strange place.  But the food really is delicious, which is what matters most. I was pretty unacquainted with the concept of raw food, other than the fact that it was the sort of thing that people like my health-obsessed mother were into. I had assumed that eating raw food meant all of the food had to be cold; apparently


Berry cashew “cheese”cake

some heating is allowed. The food at Khepra’s is influenced by soul food and Carribean cooking. I had the coconut crab cake for my entree, which (while obviously not containing any crab) was really tasty and was reminiscent of a crab cake. they were out of some of the sides that I wanted, but I ordered the curry cabbage with was very flavorful (with a significant kick) as well as the “fried” plantains (obviously not actually fried) which were great as well. For dessert, I had a cashew berry “cheese”cake, which was delicious if a bit over-chilled. Be aware that the food is a bit pricey considering there’s no meat or dairy; that said, the flavor development in the 12903468_10154068667078011_1662481387_odishes really is great. This is a spot that caters to hippie and Rastafari types- maybe not a place to bring a date, unless you’re both hippie and/or Rastafari types, in which case, go for it! This is definitely a place worth checking out for a unique, delicious, and healthy meal in DC, if you’re adventurous (or wear hemp clothing).


Turning Natural

Rating: ★★★★☆

12632999_10153920077523011_2131564958_oTurning Natural, located at 2025 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, is a super friendly and cheery juice bar that is one of a collection of bright, new establishments opening in Historic Anacostia. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming and are keen to explain their menu offerings to new customers. Charmingly, their hours of operation are listed as “Hours of Love.” They feature a variety of smoothies and cold-pressed juices with creative and funny names like the “Green Latifah” the “Mi’Kale 12596529_10153920077558011_2092150136_oJackson,” the “Swizz Beets,” and the “Marion Berry.” Their smoothies and juices are delicious and the shop has free wifi. There is also light food and seating, though not much. It’s more of a place to grab a quick bite or juice and go. It’s not well-suited for laptop use, but laptop users are certainly welcome to linger. The main drawback is that the cold-pressed juices are made at their Maryland location, and sold in bottles at rather expensive prices (one bottle runs around $7.50) including taxes. Otherwise, this place is awesome, and a great addition to the neighborhood.




The “Marion Berry”