Dock FC

Rating: ★★★☆☆

18518793_10155342196093011_1895620296_nDock FC is a sports bar dedicated to soccer fans; its massive screens are perfect for those looking to watch the latest matchup between Chelsea and Liverpool and the industrial mod space, inside Ivy City’s Hecht Warehouse building, lends the place a cool, sleek vibe. However, you don’t have to be a soccer (or shall I say, football) fan to enjoy a trip to Dock FC, because they also serve Mexican food from their sister restaurant next door (which is 18518811_10155342196118011_1038203280_nadjoined to Dock FC by a hallway), La Puerta Verde. Both spots are owned by restauranteur Ari Gejdenson. I ordered guacamole, which was excellent, though the chips themselves seemed like they were straight out of a bag and would have been much better had they been homemade. The tacos were tasty as well; I ordered al pastor, lengua, and fried cod. While they weren’t exceptional or better than say, Tacos El Chilango or Taqueria Habanero, they were solid. Service was friendly, if haphazard (for instance, the food runner forgot napkins so I had to wriggle my way to the bar to ask for them).

Dock FC is located at 1400 Okie St NE.

Mom’s Organic Market and Naked Lunch

Rating: ★★★★★

14696951_10154633364253011_227324865_nMom’s Organic Market is a regional chain that contains a vegan eatery called Naked Lunch. The only location in the District itself is at 1501 New York Ave NE in Ivy City. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve never heard of Ivy City, a historically run-down and neglected warehouse district. However, Ivy City’s hulking Hecht Warehouse has been converted into snazzy condos, which have brought with them the typical harbingers of gentrification: organic food, a yoga studio, a CrossFit Gym, and other 14724181_10154633323233011_1911765214_oestablishments such as the New Columbia distillery (known for its Green Hat Gin). However you feel about gentrification, Mom’s Organic Market is a fantastic place. It’s bright and friendly and stocks a wide range of health food products, many of them local. Naked Lunch offers tasty and healthy veggie-based food options (kind of along the lines of Beefsteak, but what I had was tastier) along with fresh juices. I ordered the cauliflower steak and while a carnivore like me cringes at the idea that cauliflower would be called steak, it really was pretty tasty. The best thing about Mom’s Organic Market, however, is the FREE COFFEE. Yes, you read that correctly. There is FREE COFFEE right at the front of the store (as well as tea). I biked over there on a rainy, chilly day and that free coffee was a godsend for a caffeine 14686498_10154633364218011_191532060_naddict like myself.