Tiki Carryout

Rating: ★★★☆☆

15128710_10154757454333011_1064014700_nTiki Carryout is a bit different from most carryouts in DC in that it doesn’t have Chinese food. Instead, it has many fried fish and chicken options (though sadly absolutely nothing Tiki-themed). However, what it is best known for is its cheap breakfast sandwiches, which are served all day. Imagine waking up hungover on a weekend morning and craving some eggs on the cheap. You could make some yourself, but you’re hungover and lazy. Fortunately, Tiki Carryout will make a breakfast sandwich for you 15151500_10154757454308011_1833326173_non the cheap- only $3.40 including tax for a sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese sandwich. That’s even cheaper than an Egg McMuffin. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, which came extremely neatly stacked on toast. It was nothing special and on the small side, but it hit the spot and barely made a dent in my wallet. The place is dumpy-looking but the people are friendly.

Tiki Carryout is located in Shaw at 1601 7th St NW.

Sharks Fish and Chicken

Rating: ★★★★☆

14741731_10154651182223011_167203323_nSharks Fish and Chicken is a DC branch of a chain hailing from the South Side of Chicago, located at 4049 Minnesota Ave NE. Sharks Fish and Chicken offers a large variety of fried fish and fried chicken options in a bright, spotlessly clean storefront. A word of caution about the neighborhood: Minnesota Avenue is rapidly developing with new retail and residential units, but it’s still not the safest part of town. That said, it is DistrictNoms’ goal to highlight noteworthy food spots in all 14741626_10154651182258011_452248138_nneighborhoods. Sharks Fish and Chicken is especially noteworthy for its fantastic deals if you’re buying in bulk. Take the 50 pieces of fried chicken (legs and thighs) for $36.99, for instance. That works out to approximately $0.75 per piece! There are other good bulk deals for fish, but the fried chicken deal is the best in my opinion. I ordered a”small” combo dinner, which was a lot of food for the price. I got two chicken tenders plus a catfish filet and fries. The crinkle-cut fried were nothing special and almost certainly came out of a bag. The chicken tenders were actually tender and were certainly real, juicy white meat chicken. However, I could have used a bit more seasoning on them. The catfish filet was thin, but huge and the crispy batter was delicious. It made for a tasty sandwich with hot sauce and tartar sauce. Unlike other DC fish spots where whiting is the star, like Horace and Dickies, catfish is apparently the thing to get at Sharks, though whiting is available too and for a cheaper price.


Rating: ★★★★☆

13633301_10154366089848011_945751895_oKochix is a small Korean fried chicken carryout located at 400 Florida Ave NW. Kochix provides a cool Korean twist on the classic DC carryout. Like typical carryouts, Kochix offers an eclectic mix of food: chicken wings, drumsticks, Asian food, fried seafood, cheesesteaks, and more. But in this case, instead of being doused in mumbo sauce, the fried chicken comes with honey spicy, honey spicy hot or soy garlic sauce. And instead of Chinese food, Korean options like bibimbap and bulgogi are on offer. Otherwise, the typical carryout atmosphere is there. There is no decor, and just a couple of stools and a very 13646658_10154366089843011_1953013212_osmall counter to sit at. I wasn’t super hungry so I ordered the three piece drumsticks with one soy garlic drumstick and two honey spicy drumstick. They were messy but delicious, and I certainly enjoyed the option of drumsticks instead of wings, since I prefer meatier drumsticks to more meager wings.

The Roaming Rooster


13016753_10154138365903011_2044662082_oThe Roaming Rooster is a food truck serving up chicken sandwiches; you can find their location on their Twitter. I had their fried chicken sandwich with honey butter, which was very tasty, though I’m not entirely sure what was with the cole slaw on it. It was a bit of an odd flavor pairing but I liked it on the whole. Their twice-fried french fries are delicious as well. I’ll never stop being a Chick-fil-A fan, but I do appreciate places like this that bring some more variety to the chicken sandwich scene.