Atrium Cafe

Rating: ★★★☆☆



The definition of nondescript, but it isn’t crowded.

Atrium Cafe is a cafe and deli located at 1201 I St NW.  It is a very nondescript spot that serves a rather average selection of breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and coffee. It is not a place to sit and hang out; it’s a spot to grab food on your way to work or on your lunch break. Its averageness is actually a good thing, in a downtown full of chains that get absolutely jam-packed. While the Starbucks next door is invariably crowded (especially at a few minutes before 9 am, when I am trying to grab some quick breakfast and not be late to work), Atrium Cafe flies under the radar and is much quieter. I appreciate that I can get a made to order breakfast sandwich there, as opposed to the awful microwaved ones at Starbucks (I can eat a microwaveable breakfast sandwich at home).




So much better than the Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, which are a crime against humanity.