Co Co. Sala

Rating: ★★★★★13937061_10154441595413011_704978322_n

Co Co. Sala is a restaurant, dessert bar and chocolate shop located at 929 F St NW. As the name would suggest, chocolate is the main focus here, so I went for dessert. This is a chic and fairly pricey spot to go for a fancy dessert and drinks date. It is an excellent spot to take someone special to. They offer both three-course and five-course dessert experiences, but we opted to split three desserts: the Latin Love Affair (dulcey chocolate mousse, cinnamon caramel, chocolate pecan cake, butter pecan


The Some More Co Co.

dulcey ice cream and passion fruit cajeta bon bon), the Some More Co Co. (chocolate crème brulee, toasted marshmallow, graham crumble, chocolate brownie, and chocolate malted shooter) and the Chef’s Plate of Artisanal Chocolates. It was all absolutely delicious and is a bit of a blur since I tried a little of everything. I would have appreciated some guidance as to what was in each of the chocolates, but each one that I tried was really delicious anyway. I would love to go back and try their savory food sometime, but this is an excellent spot if you’re looking for a dessert experience that’s something special.


The Latin Love Affair