Tiki Carryout

Rating: ★★★☆☆

15128710_10154757454333011_1064014700_nTiki Carryout is a bit different from most carryouts in DC in that it doesn’t have Chinese food. Instead, it has many fried fish and chicken options (though sadly absolutely nothing Tiki-themed). However, what it is best known for is its cheap breakfast sandwiches, which are served all day. Imagine waking up hungover on a weekend morning and craving some eggs on the cheap. You could make some yourself, but you’re hungover and lazy. Fortunately, Tiki Carryout will make a breakfast sandwich for you 15151500_10154757454308011_1833326173_non the cheap- only $3.40 including tax for a sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese sandwich. That’s even cheaper than an Egg McMuffin. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, which came extremely neatly stacked on toast. It was nothing special and on the small side, but it hit the spot and barely made a dent in my wallet. The place is dumpy-looking but the people are friendly.

Tiki Carryout is located in Shaw at 1601 7th St NW.

Ivy & Coney

Rating: ★★★★☆

13647233_10154363511853011_1887049541_oIvy and Coney is a Chicago and Detroit-themed dive bar and restaurant located at 1537 7th St NW. Without a doubt, this place has more personality than almost any other spot in DC. Their schtick is that they try to be as divey as divey gets, and their very amusing owner, who has an excellent and dry sense of humor is a perfect example of this. In a bit of an unorthodox move for a dive bar (and for brunch in DC) I went with my friends (one of whom is from Detroit and one of 13639873_10154363511483011_1942868142_owhom has lived for the past two years in Chicago) for brunch. Brunch options include the “eggs bene-dog” (sausage on a bun with a poached egg, bacon jam and hollandaise) and the “chicken and waffles-ish” (fried chicken sausage served over a pancake topped with bacon and hot sauce maple mayonnaise, alongside several equally comical (and comically unhealthy) choices and lunch options such as the Chicago-style dog and the Coney dog. You can pair it with a mimosa-ish (orange juice out of the fountain soda gun, mixed with cheap beer), just a cheap beer (like Stroh’s), or something stronger. We were the only people there for brunch and the owner was out of the beer on tap for the mimosa-ish and wasn’t serving hot coffee because of the hot weather. But that just added to the not-really-giving-a-f*ck charm of the place. We just chatted with the owner about how he once got Rahm Emanuel (whom he referred to as a f*cking a**hole – not even a f*cking a**hole-ish) wasted off of shots of Malort when he visited once and my Midwestern friends were thrilled to experience a little slice of home.

Shake Shack Breakfast

Rating: ★★★★★

13467592_10154297232413011_1325889822_o.jpgIt is a little-known fact that Shake Shack offers breakfast. But before you get too excited, breakfast is only available in DC at Union Station on weekdays. Shake Shack only offers its breakfast at a handful of other locations including JFK Airport and Grand Central Station in NYC, as well as the airport in Dubai. I am at a loss to explain why it is not offered at more locations since Shake Shack’s breakfast is a thing of beauty and simplicity. Their sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich (bacon is offered as well) is basically a breakfast sandwich equivalent of their burger and, while basic, is one of the tastiest breakfast sandwiches in DC. This is no Sausage McMuffin- the sausage is freshly grilled and high-quality and comes with a freshly fried egg (or two if you’d like) on a potato roll. I always appreciate Shake Shack’s commitment to quality in every item they serve, and this shows in their coffee as well. Instead of serving mediocre coffee at breakfast like Five Guys and Subway do, they serve Stumptown Coffee, both hot and cold brew. The only drawback is that the breakfast sandwich and a cold brew coffee together will set you back approximately $11, but if you don’t mind a splurge from time to time, I highly recommend making a pit stop at Shake Shack if you pass through Union Station on your morning commute.