Taqueria Habanero

Rating: ★★★★★


Taqueria Habanero is a Mexican restaurant located at 3710 14th Street. DC may be known as more of a Salvadorean food town, but fear not, Mexican food lovers, the food at Taqueria Habanero is a work of art. Why spend lots of $$$ and deal with the terribly slow service at Oyamel when you can enjoy beautifully-prepared tacos, sopes and more at Taqueria Habanero for a fraction of the price. I ordered two tacos (barbacoa and pastor) and a sope with lengua, which only ran me $10 including tax and tip! The barbacoa taco was especially divine. Sopes are delicious as well; they look like tostadas but are served on a thick, soft corn tortilla so they don’t fall apart like tostadas do. I highly recommend Taqueria Habanero for delicious, fast and affordable Mexican fare.




12842660_10153999531883011_936951807_oHighlands is a coffee shop and restaurant located at 4706 14th St NW that serves a mixture of breakfast food and Latin American fare. It is a cute neighborhood place, if a bit confusing and haphazard. When you enter, there’s a sign that says to order at the counter for carry-out and to be seated for table service if eating in. In reality, you order at the counter no matter what and if you’re eating in, you pick up a number to place on your table. I was confused for like 10 minutes why the server was paying no attention to me. I had chicken and waffles and a coffee from Swing’s. The chicken and waffles were very good, and the coffee was just ok-
12192721_10153999531863011_1877532422_odespite the fact that it was from Swing’s, it was from an airpot and not brewed fresh. I had tried to order an Eggs Benedict with fried green tomatoes, but despite a sign saying they had Eggs Benedicts on Saturdays and Sundays, they didn’t have them. This is the second time I’ve tried to order fried green tomatoes in DC and been disappointed (the other time was at Market Lunch in Eastern Market). Please don’t tease me like that. Overall, I love the neighborhood vibe of this place, but it really is 12192734_10153999531843011_1289254512_ojust that- a solid place for brunch if you’re in the neighborhood, but not a place to trek to 16th Street Heights for.