Sushi Express

Rating: ★★★★✩

23484568_10155890961638011_154316967_o.jpgBack in my hometown on Long Island, we have a little Japanese grocery store where the friendly sushi chef, Takahashi-san, makes delicious and reasonably-priced sushi in the back. Takahashi-san, who has a son my age, is a fixture in my hometown and has a loyal following of regular customers, including my father. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was to grow up in a place where I could get a tuna roll for only around $5 or so. Here in DC, I rarely eat sushi because it’s so damn expensive; even a supermarket roll costs over $10 and the pieces of $1 happy hour nigiri at Tono Sushi, a great deal by DC standards, are almost comically tiny.

Yet, improbably, hidden in a building downtown, Sushi Express exists. The place is basic and mostly for takeout. It’s only open weekdays and closes at 7 pm. But, it might be the best place in town for affordable sushi. Tuna, salmon and yellowtail rolls are only $4 and there are great-value combos as well. This is definitely the place if you just want your sushi fix without breaking the bank.

Sushi Express is located at 1990 K St NW #400.  

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