Rating: ★★★★★

23546998_10155890939288011_496006248_o.jpgI had passed by Bul, a Korean restaurant in Adams Morgan, countless times before trying it. While I love Adams Morgan (it’s my neighborhood), I don’t tend to take restaurants on 18th Street very seriously. I would NEVER eat at one of those spots that’s primarily a fratty bar that happens to serve food. There are, however, some solid spots: Zenebech,  Donburi, Sakuramen and Himalayan Heritage come to mind. When I finally did go to Bul, it was only because a friend of a friend (who is Korean) had recommended it. Moreover, it was our third choice of where to go that night, after our first choice had been closed for a private party and our second choice was packed to the gills. I’m so glad we went- the food at Bul is delicious, authentic and reasonably-priced.

23557768_10155890939278011_1122962322_o.jpgOne of my friends who I was with has made it very clear that she absolutely hates the thought of having children. However, after trying Bul’s kimchi fried rice with pork, she declared that she was in love with the dish and that having the dish’s babies was “negotiable.” For my part, I tried a bunch of dishes including the seafood pancake (excellent), the galbi (excellent) and the Bul Korean Fried Chicken (so spicy that I was crying). Definitely don’t make the mistake I made of overlooking this place and give it a try!

Bul is located at 2431 18 St NW.

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