Toli Moli

Rating: ★★★★★

17142071_10155100693343011_1762340888_o.jpgA visit to Union Market can be overwhelming since there are so many good food options to choose from. On a visit there, I stumbled upon Toli Moli, a Burmese noodle and falooda shop that I had never noticed before. I was looking for a (relatively) healthy option compared to arepas or empanadas. Falooda has its origins in Persian culture and is a sort of ice cream float that has made its way from Persia into South and Southeast Asia. Toli Moli’s most traditional falooda contains vanilla ice cream, pomegranate jelly, basil seeds, rose syrup and vermicelli noodles. The cool thing about Toli Moli is that you can do a sampler meal that 17101603_10155100693833011_556886422_ocomes with tea, a noodle dish, and a small falooda. I ordered a hot noodle soup that the lady behind the counter likened to ramen. It was tasty, though only if you appreciate the flavor of coconut milk in your soup. I also ordered an ice tea with fruit, and basil seeds, which was a bit like bubble tea. The service was really friendly and the food was tasty and well-priced.

Toli Moli is located in Union Market at 1309 5th ST NE.

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