Lamis Sweets

Rating: ★★★★★

17105372_10155100737318011_258815810_n.jpgAll anyone sees on the news these days about Syria is war and the refugee crisis. But Syria is also home to an ancient and rich culture, including delicious food. Lamis Sweets, an online order bakery based in Chantilly, Virginia, specializes in delicious Syrian sweets such as mamoul (shortbread pastries usually filled with dates and walnuts) and ghraybeh (butter cookies topped with an almond). I first tried their sweets at a benefit event for Syrian refugees hosted by Moishe House, an organization that puts on events for young Jewish adults. They were so delicious that I immediately ordered a box of ghrayben to bring to my weekly staff meeting at work. At $10.99 for a beautifully packaged box of 30 delicious home-baked cookies, the prices are pretty reasonable (though shipping is extra). They make really great gift items for a holiday or a dinner party and I will definitely be ordering from them again!

You can order from Lamis Sweets on their website.

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