Honey’s Empanadas

Rating: ★★★★☆

Honey’s Empanadas is certainly not a healthy food truck to eat your lunch at but it certainly is tasty. Unlike the empanadas at Julia’s Empanadas which are baked and make a16651784_10155029286468011_1179032831_n claim to be nutritious, Honey’s Empanadas are very much fried. And if you want, you can get this fried empanada with fried pork inside it. There are a variety of interesting options, including a Korean kalbi beef empanada called the “Yi” and a chicken tikka masala empanada called the “Asha.” At least the day I went, there was only one veggie option. You can get two empanadas plus a side for $10, which is a bit steep for the quantity of food. The sides are also not exactly healthy and consist of tostones (fried plantains), fried yuca and red beans and rice. But for a day when you just want something greasy, comforting and delicious that’s made with love, Honey’s Empanadas is a good way to go. 16683529_10155029286508011_1578635438_n.jpg

You can find Honey’s Empanadas’ location on their Twitter.

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