Henry’s Soul Cafe

Rating: ★★★★☆

Henry’s Soul Cafe is a soul food restaurant that has been aroun16558990_10155020448318011_1708280194_nd since 1968, though it recently moved to a bright, shiny new location at 1704 U St NWHenry’s Soul Cafe is best known for their sweet potato pies (I tried a free sample and it was really excellent) but they also have a wide variety of classic soul food options like fried chicken, chitterlings, pig’s feet, collard greens, fried okra and much more. And, like any good soul food spot, the lady taking your order will probably address you as baby or honey, which always makes me feel good. I ordered a fried chicken dinner with fried okra and mac n’ cheese. The chicken was juicy and fried well, though the batter was a little under-seasoned for my taste. I’m sure if I had put a little of their mumbo sauce on there I wouldn’t have noticed. The fried okra and mac n’ cheese were both totally on point. My only other critique is that the stools were a bit too short for the small dine-in counter, making dining in a little tricky. Overall, though, this is a solid spot for soul food!

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