Tiki Carryout

Rating: ★★★☆☆

15128710_10154757454333011_1064014700_nTiki Carryout is a bit different from most carryouts in DC in that it doesn’t have Chinese food. Instead, it has many fried fish and chicken options (though sadly absolutely nothing Tiki-themed). However, what it is best known for is its cheap breakfast sandwiches, which are served all day. Imagine waking up hungover on a weekend morning and craving some eggs on the cheap. You could make some yourself, but you’re hungover and lazy. Fortunately, Tiki Carryout will make a breakfast sandwich for you 15151500_10154757454308011_1833326173_non the cheap- only $3.40 including tax for a sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese sandwich. That’s even cheaper than an Egg McMuffin. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, which came extremely neatly stacked on toast. It was nothing special and on the small side, but it hit the spot and barely made a dent in my wallet. The place is dumpy-looking but the people are friendly.

Tiki Carryout is located in Shaw at 1601 7th St NW.

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