On Rye

Rating: ★★★★☆

15050301_10154743549758011_1639497864_nOn Rye is a new addition to DC’s New York-style Jewish deli scene alongside Loeb’s NY Deli and DGS Delicatessen. It boasts the expected pastrami sandwiches, latkes and matzoh ball soup alongside more innovative fare like the Turkey and Charoset (roasted turkey breast, fennel, sage, spinach, apple compote on a challah roll) and babka ice cream sandwiches. The food is delicious; the only thing I have to kvetch about (yes, I am an honorary Jew from Long Island) is the price- $14 is pretty steep for 15046413_10154743549728011_830555383_na plain pastrami sandwich, even though that pastrami sandwich is very tender, very tasty and made with wagyu beef. It’s also not exactly heaping, but it does get points for good taste. The latkes were tasty as well, if a little small. So far my take on On Rye is that the food is tasty and I always appreciate good Jewish deli food. But it’s not light on your wallet, considering it has a fast casual format.

On Rye is located at 740 6th St NW.


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