Rating: ★★★★★

15044790_10154735508448011_1333757067_o.jpgChaia is a farmhouse-chic vegetarian taco spot in Georgetown that’s so delicious that it doesn’t make me miss meat. The fact that it scores as one of the best taco places in DC in my book without serving meat speaks volumes. The tacos include such inventive, seasonal options as the sweet potato hash taco with feta, arugala pumpkin seed salsa and cilantro and much more. I ordered a trio of tacos for $11, which is a bit more expensive than I’d pay for a trio of meat tacos at a place like Tacos El Chilango, but what you’re getting here is (in their words) a farm to taco experience. The tacos are artfully put together, delicious and good for you too. I also had their seasonal strawberry rhubarb shrub to drink, which was a great accompaniment to the food.

Chaia is located right on the C&O Canal in Georgetown at 3207 Grace St NW.

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