Twin Dragon Carry-Out

Rating: ★★★☆☆



Google Street View of the blighted exterior.


Twin Dragon Carry-Out is a Chinese takeout place located at 5504 3rd St NW, and is one of the sketchiest-looking places I have ever seen. Most carry-outs in DC look pretty sketchy, with spare interiors and bulletproof glass separating the customer from the employees. Twin Dragon Carry-Out is, however, a sight to behold. There’s a boarded-up storefront next door, but the inside is where things get really interesting-looking. The interior almost looks like a bus station, with a row of plastic seats affixed to the ground attached to each wall.


This would make a great set for a horror movie.


What’s with the fancy-schmancy relief.

But in an odd way, the place has a certain faded beauty to it. Twin Dragon Carry-Out has been around for decades (at least since the 1960s) and has the feel of a bygone era, with a tin ceiling and an incongruously grandiose Chinese relief on the wall. Basically, the place would make a great setting for a horror movie.




So now you might be wondering, why was I there? Well, it turns out that Twin Dragon Carry-Out is known for their massive egg rolls, which people apparently drive from all over the DMV to get. I ordered two shrimp egg rolls for $4 and change and they truly were the largest egg rolls I had ever seen. They were basically my whole dinner for the night. Taste-wise, they weren’t anything special, though some mustard and/or duck sauce jazzed them up a bit. Nonetheless, Twin Dragon Carry-Out is definitely an experience, both for its somewhat spooky bygone look and its ginormous (and very cheap) egg rolls.


They really are massive… Note the quarter for perspective.

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