Good Food Markets

Rating: ★★★★★

14872619_10154676660318011_1254705776_nGood Food Markets is a small, neighborhood, local food-centric market located at 2006 Rhode Island Ave NE in Woodridge. This is a great little spot and the friendly owner gave me the backstory on the business. It is a mission-driven place in a neighborhood that would otherwise be a food desert. For those unfamiliar with what a food desert is, an urban food desert is an area of a city that is generally low-income and lacks good access to fresh produce. In some cases, it is defined as an area that does not have a grocery store or supermarket that sells fresh produce within a one-mile radius, making it difficult for residents to access good nutrition at reasonable prices. While carryouts serving tasty fried chicken wings and mumbo sauce are ubiquitous in DC (and while this food blogger loves the stuff) it does not count as good nutrition.

14804728_10154676660453011_1643800300_nGood Food Markets set out to change this, selling delicious and nutritious, locally-sourced items to the neighborhood’s older, low-income population, some of whom are on food stamps, as well as to young professionals and families who have recently moved to the neighborhood. One of the most interesting things about Good Food Markets is its partnership with DC Urban Greens, an urban farming initiative that grows a variety of produce in hoop houses in Fort Dupont Park and Marvin Gaye Park right in DC’s 14826348_10154676660388011_281657223_nWard 7. They produce a special line that Good Food Markets sells. Since I was there in mid-October, the only DC Urban Greens produce available was lavender. However, Good Food Markets’ owner told me that there’s a lot more available in the summer and early fall.  Another highlight was the cranberry orange granola from Oh-Mazing, a small DC granola-making operation. I would rarely describe something like granola using superlatives, but this stuff was simply divine, like a decadent cranberry orange muffin in granola form. I’ll definitely be back!

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