Good Hope Carry-Out

Rating: ★★★★★

image Good Hope Carry-Out, located at 1350 Good Hope Road SE has similar offerings to other carry-outs in DC, providing the same eclectic selection of Chinese food, fried food and sandwiches. And, as is typical of DC carry-outs, the thing to get is fried chicken wings with jumbo sauce over fried rice, that uniquely DC concoction of greasy, tangy goodness. However, not all carry-outs are created equal and Good Hope Carry-Out is clearly one of DC’s best. All too often, DC carry-outs are dim, dirty and downright sketch. Good Hope Carry-Out is bright and clean. The fried chicken wings with mumbo sauce over fried rice were also the best I’ve had so far- the chicken was perfectly crispy, the mumbo sauce was tangy and plentiful, rather than sweet and the fried rice itself was solid. All in all this is the best spot I’ve found so far to enjoy this classic DC meal.

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