Baan Thai

Rating: ★★★★☆

14542818_10154607300948011_92793384_nBaan Thai is a Thai restaurant (that also happens to serve sushi), located at 1326 14th St NW. Let me say up front that if pad Thai is your favorite dish, you will be disappointed because Baan Thai doesn’t serve it. Instead Baan Thai forces eaters to branch out and explore a wide variety of complex and spicy authentic Thai dishes from various culinary regions of Thailand. Apparently the chef of Baan Thai used to work at Thai Tanic, an Americanized Thai restaurant downstairs from Baan Thai. She subsequently became the chef at Baan Thai and crafted a more authentically Thai menu. I ordered the Khao pad grà-tiiam gài (stir-fried garlic rice with Thai-style deep-fried chicken), which made for good comfort food, though it wasn’t all that rich in flavor. It came with a hot pepper sauce on the side, which did spice things up though. I definitely plan to go back and try more of the menu items that you won’t find in a typical Americanized Thai restaurant.  

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