Bantam King

Rating: ★★★★★

14483467_10154585777733011_1766006009_nBantam King is a Japanese place that specializes in chicken ramen and Japanese-style fried chicken located at 501 G St NW. Bantam King is owned by the same people as Izakaya/Daikaya, but while Izakaya/Daikaya is sleek and a bit dim inside, Bantam King looks a bit like a fast food restaurant that has been whimsically decorated with Asian lanterns, plastic trays, Christmas lights and Japanese cartoons.

14459028_10154585777718011_306218487_n14459127_10154585777683011_1097157646_nNo wonder, given the fact there apparently used to be a Burger King in that spot. It is bright and fun and the friendly staff adds to the atmosphere. I started with one of the specials, a monkfish tartare on toast, which was delicious and a bit like foie gras. I had never had fish liver before, but it really does taste like liver from other animals. My chicken ramen was also delicious, filling and hearty. Overall, this place is great. The menu is inventive, the decor is fun, and the people are friendly. Check it out!

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