Joy Luck House

Rating: ★★★☆☆

14249291_10154528301373011_432805521_n.jpgJoy Luck House is a Chinese restaurant located at 748 6th St NW, right next to the much better-known Chinatown Express. The name, of course, reminds me of the book, “The Joy Luck Club” and is across the street from one of the last bastions of Chinatown’s Chinese community, the Wah Luck House. I ended up at Joy Luck House one evening because I was trying to go to China Boy their famous chow fun but stupidly forgot that China Boy closes at 5. Since I was stuck in DC’s rather meager Chinatown and craving chow fun, I decided on Joy Luck House, which at least gets decent reviews (unlike some of the real tourist traps in the area. And decent it was. The people were friendly enough, the food came fairly fast, and the chow fun was tasty. Since China Boy reportedly sells its handmade noodles to many places in the area, I would be willing to bet that the noodles were from China Boy. Ultimately this place gave me my chow fun fix, but wasn’t anything particularly special. Not that the chow 14269751_10154528301318011_1089479814_n.jpgfun at China Boy is necessarily better- that’s just the original and there’s something to be said for that. In the future, though, I do need to try their homemade sweets.

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