Rating: ★★★☆☆

14169704_10154512921083011_1201364967_nSoupergirl is a vegan and kosher soup and sandwich shop located at 314 Carroll St NW in Takoma. This friendly, casual neighborhood spot happens to be one of a small handful of places to get kosher prepared food in DC (alongside Char Bar, Brooklyn Sandwich Co. and some pre-prepared items at the Holocaust Museum). For the sake of my kosher-observant friends, I really appreciate that Soupergirl offers an additional option in DC’s small kosher food scene. I happen to not 14169452_10154512921088011_1480766269_nbe a huge fan of soups in general, and those soups that I do like are generally not vegetarian or vegan: matzoh ball soup (though I cook a fantastic vegetarian version), clam chowder, French onion soup, harira, borscht, pho and wonton soup. As you may imagine, I found Soupergirl’s soup (I had a version of minestrone) a bit bland for my taste. I got a soup and sandwich combo and actually liked the sandwich better, which had mushrooms and grilled onions on it. Despite my personal dislike of vegetable soup, people who do like vegetable soup will enjoy this friendly, healthy spot. A huge plus is that they have all of their hot soups out with tasting cups so you can taste each soup before deciding which one to order.

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