Bada Bing

Rating: ★★★★★

14055771_10154505931298011_1730564763_nBada Bing is a food truck serving spiedies, salt potatoes and cheesesteaks. You can find their location on their Website. When most people think of New York food, they think of pizza, bagels and pastrami. But that’s Downstate New York food. Upstate New York, which comprises the vast majority of the state by area, has its own food specialties. One of the most popular is the spiedie, a chicken or pork kebab sandwich that originated in Binghamton (hence the name Bada Bing) as a variation on the Sicilian spiedini, or skewered meat. I first had spiedies at a family friend’s house near Ithaca, New York and absolutely loved this simple but delicious food. I wasn’t familiar with salt potatoes, but Bada Bing’s friendly owner (who is from Upstate New York) explained to me that they are from Syracuse. They are delicious boiled potatoes with lots of salt and drenched in butter.

14159215_10154505931268011_2028194294_nBada Bing offers five different varieties of spiedie sandwiches and you can choose between chicken and pork. I split my food with a friend, so I tried both the #1 “The Bing” (mozzarella, tomatoes and basil) with chicken and the #4 “Joey’s Special” (BBQ glazed spiedies, cheddar cheese, bacon bits and caramelized onions) with pork. I enjoyed the #1, but the #4 was especially satisfying (probably because it is so unhealthy). This truck seems to always pop up somewhere in Arlington, which is inconvenient for those who work in Downtown DC (like myself). But the trip from McPherson Square to Rosslyn is only 6 minutes on the metro, so those spiedies may be way closer than you think! I was able to walk from my office to the metro, ride to Rosslyn, pick up spiedies, and return to my office in 40 minutes, leaving 20 minutes of my lunch hour to gorge myself up Upstate NY goodness. It was well worth it.

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