Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant

Rating: ★★★★★



Brightwood Park might be DC’s most underrated food neighborhood. Sure, its main commercial arteries on Georgia Avenue and Kennedy Street haven’t taken off yet like other parts of NW have in recent years, but what the neighborhood lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. While I still have places in the neighborhood that I want to try, I can add Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant to a list of excellent local spots that includes Culture Coffee and Tony’s Place. Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant is one of a handful of Trinidadian restaurants in DC, and I’m surprised, given this place’s quality and authenticity, that it has so few reviews online. I’ll chalk that up to its location in


Massive curry goat roti.

a neighborhood that is overlooked by most people with poor public transportation access, aside from the #70 Georgia Avenue buses. This small, friendly hole in the wall serves up delicious home-cooked Trini food, such as rotis, doubles, and aloo pies. If foods like roti and aloo sound Indian/Pakistani to you, that’s because over 35% of Trinidad and Tobago’s population is of South Asian origin. Eighteen percent of the population is Hindu, while five percent is Muslim. Lovers of Indian and Pakistani food will find that they love Trini food too. I started off with doubles, which is fried bread filled with curried chickpeas. As you can imagine, it’s


The whole meal, including Sorrel.

absolutely delicious and pleasantly spicy. I also ordered the curry goat roti. The roti was made fresh on the grill and was wonderfully moist and savory. The curry goat was flavorful and tender- be aware that it is served on the bone in the traditional way. If you are afraid of meat on the bone, this is not the dish for you. Never fear, the menu is full of options and I want to go back to try the bake and shark- fried bread and fried shark. I also had Sorrel, a Trini hibiscus-flavored soda. It tasted too artificial to me, but it was interesting to try. This place is a wonderful hidden gem, and a must-try in DC’s ethnic food scene.

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