Brooklyn Sandwich Co.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

14111699_10154495061303011_1900176673_n.jpgBrooklyn Sandwich Co. is a Glatt kosher food truck serving traditional Ashkenazi Jewish foods like brisket, pastrami, knishes and matzoh ball soup. You can find their location on their TwitterBrooklyn Sandwich Co. was started by a freshman at GW looking to add to the limited eating options for those looking to keep kosher in DC. Previously, DC’s kosher food options were limited to one full-service restaurant (Char Bar), plus a vegan soup place (SouperGirl), which is in an out of the way location in Takoma, just a couple of blocks from the Maryland border. The food at Brooklyn Sandwich Co. is fantastic, and the lines for the food truck attest to this. I ordered a brisket platter with a knish with chipotle aioli on the side as well as broccoli slaw. The brisket came in a generous portion and was perfectly tender, served with a juicy kosher pickle on the side. The knish and broccoli slaw were excellent as well, and I loved that they offered a choice of aiolis for dipping the knish. Brooklyn Sandwich company is, however, a victim of its own popularity. Some items (like cholent and matzoh ball soup) weren’t on offer when I went because it was a hot summer day – this make sense since these are more wintry foods. On the other hand, they were out of a solid portion of their items, including chicken and cauliflower mash. That, combined with a bit of a disorganized and over-worked two person crew and a very long wait for food means that Brooklyn Sandwich Co. still has some work to do on their execution. The food is really excellent though.

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