The Fainting Goat

Rating: ★★★★☆

14012905_10154467285733011_1502932206_o.jpgThe Fainting Goat is a classy, New American restaurant located at 1330 U Street NW. Its catchy logo (of a fainting goat, of course), guides diners into a pleasant space with tasty food and great drinks. I confess that I have a bias against New American places and in favor of ethnic dining, but I did have a really enjoyable meal at The Fainting Goat. I started with the “Who Killed Kenny?” cocktail because I loved the South Park reference. It was very tasty. 14045325_10154467285723011_571383299_oA better value, though, are their punches, which are served in carafes for multiple people to share. I love when places offer punches because they tend to be a delicious and relatively cost-effective alternative to ordering a cocktail. For an appetizer, I ordered the steak tartare which was delicious, if tiny. However, my main 14074441_10154467285743011_956567090_ocourse, the duck bolognese, was a hearty and generous portion. In this sense, I like The Fainting Goat better than nearby Provision No. 14, which offers delicious food but absurdly small portions.




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