China Town

Rating:  ★★★★☆

14012750_10154461877818011_249916701_oChina Town is a carryout located at 3207 Mt Pleasant St NW. As the name suggests, (Americanized) Chinese food is the focus, but like most DC carryouts they serve a wide variety of other foods like burgers and subs. Since it is a carryout in DC, China Town, of course, specializes in fried chicken wings with mumbo sauce, which is a uniquely Washingtonian African American-Chinese fusion dish.

China Town offers a special of four wings with fried rice or french fries for a mere $5.50. Be aware, however, that there is a $7 minimum for credit cards, which isn’t posted anywhere. Since I had no cash on me, I had to order an egg roll to make my total over $7. China Town also offers a wide variety of lunch specials for under $5. The 14060464_10154461875283011_730448067_owings were deliciously crispy, with a thick batter that tasted as though it had possibly been fried twice. The mumbo sauce, which is a mystery concoction, was slightly sweet and pleasantly tangy. I really liked it, though I think it takes a true DC native who was raised on the stuff to be a mumbo sauce connoisseur. I am not one. I prefer fried rice over french fries any day, but the fried rice itself was just ok. It was a bit of a cross between fried rice and yellow rice. The egg roll, which I didn’t want in the first place was large, tasty, and delightfully fatty.

Unlike most carryouts, China Town does have a couple of small tables, but if it’s a nice day it’s much more pleasant to sit outside at one of the tables in the small square across the street. The food may not be gourmet, but this is a solid spot to eat on the cheap and experience the authentic, pre-gentrification DC classic that is fried chicken wings with mumbo sauce over fried rice.

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