Florida Avenue Grill

Rating: ★★★★★

13987298_10154452315313011_1219370404_oFlorida Avenue Grill is a soul food institution that claims to be the oldest soul food restaurant in the world, located at 1100 Florida Ave NW. It has been in business since 1944, which at the very least makes it quite a historic spot, though I definitely have my doubts about its truly being the oldest in the world. The atmosphere is great, though, on-point soul music and signed celebrity photos are on the walls in classic diner surroundings. I ordered the pig’s feet with okra and tomatoes and mac and cheese on the side. It was my first time having pig’s feet and I can’t say I liked it very much. There were a lot of bones and knuckles and the texture was extremely gelatinous and reminded me if traditional Ashkenazi pt’cha (calf foot jelly). It’s not Florida Avenue Grill’s fault for serving an authentic classic, though. Next time I’ll probably stick with the fried chicken, which my friend ordered and 13977935_10154452315328011_491846990_owhich he said was excellent. The okra and tomatoes and the mac and cheese were great, though. For dessert, I ordered the king of all soul food desserts, their excellent sweet potato pie. In terms of press coverage, Ben’s Chili Bowl gets all the press as the DC institution, but Florida Avenue Grill is older, equally important and has better food.







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