Rating: ★★★★★

13933380_10154427355658011_1299327941_nSaté is an Indonesian food truck. You can find their location on their TwitterTheir Twitter describes them as “DC’s one and only authentic Indonesian Food Truck & Satépreneur.” While they certainly aren’t DC’s only Indonesian food truck and I’m not in a position to assess their authenticity, I did enjoy their food quite a bit, and much more so than at Java Cove, another Indonesian food truck. I ordered the Mie Ayam (egg noodles, bok choy and cremini mushroom lathered in a savory sesame 13871706_10154427355638011_398889832_nsauce topped with braised chicken and served with crispy wontons on the side.) This was a delicious, filling and probably pretty unhealthy lunch, as the crispy wontons, deliciously seasoned chicken, and noodles worked perfectly together. It was pretty light on the vegetables, which wasn’t a negative for me (bring on the meat and carbs). I recommend Saté for those who love Chinese and Thai food and are looking for something similarly satisfying, but with a twist. This was everything I want from an Asian food truck lunch, and the price was reasonable at $9.


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