Jenin Pastry

Rating: ★★★★★

13898746_10154419353733011_1348813329_oJenin Pastry is an authentic Palestinian sweets place located at 5820 Seminary Rd in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA. Since I’ve lived in Jordan , where it’s easy to find excellent kunafeh and baklava, I always appreciate finding Arab sweets in the US, but only if they’re done properly. Fortunately, Jenin Pastry delivers. From the delicious, hot kunfeh, to the wide variety of baklava, to on-point Turkish coffee, to the plastic watering can in the bathroom (if you don’t know what that’s for, look it up), this place is the real deal. They also offer boxes and baskets of assorted baklava, which makes a great gift item. While the kunafeh wasn’t quite 13898196_10154419353718011_189949266_oon the level of Habibeh in Amman, which possibly has the best kunafeh in the world, it was good (and that’s hard to find in the US).

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