El Pollo Sabroso

Rating: ★★★★☆

13836052_10154405414573011_710986478_oEl Pollo Sabroso is a Peruvian-style chicken restaurant located at 3153 Mt Pleasant St NW, with an additional location a few blocks away at 1434 Park Rd NW. This basic and authentic spot in Mount Pleasant serves chicken, steak, chorizo, and a few other dishes like pupusas, quesadillas, tortas and Latin American soups. The ambitious can order a whole chicken, but I stuck with the quarter chicken and chorizo combo, served with rice and salad (mainly lettuce). The chicken was very tasty and moist and came with a spicy green sauce and a creamy white sauce. The chorizo was large and flavorful, if a bit too salty for my 13833207_10154405414568011_951005060_otaste. Fortunately, since I went on a hot night, I was able to pair my food with a cold tamarindo.

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