Sixes & Sevens

Rating: ★★★★☆

13728376_10154389520008011_490740772_oSixes & Sevens  is a British food truck- I’m not entirely sure what the name refers to but it somehow sounds British and reminds me of a British children’s book series that I grew up with, “The Secret Seven” by Enid Blyton. You can find their location on their Twitter. Sixes & Sevens  is run by a friendly British lady and serves three main items: bangers and mash, tea, and scones with cream and jam. I had their classic pork bangers and mash with peas on the side, which was delicious, though the wait for my food was a bit lengthier than the five minutes they said it would be. There are a bunch of sausage choices and sides choices, so this is a great spot if you’re looking for sausage and mashed potatoes. Sadly they don’t have fish and chips, but Sixes & Sevens is overall a nice change from the falafel and kebab food trucks.


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