Ahhh Wah Gwaan

Rating: ★★★☆☆

imageAhhh Wah Gwaan is a Jamaican food truck. You can find their location on their website. I may be a bit jaded because I have been to Pimento Grill out in Southeast, which is another level of Jamaican food from what I’ve had anywhere else, including at Ahhh Wah Gwaan. I also was a bit bothered by the fact that they describe themselves as “The Reeaal Jamaican Patty Shop on Wheels,” despite the fact that all of their patties are prepackaged. Granted, they do have a wide selection of patties and most places use prepackaged patties. That said, I was hoping that these “reeaal” patties would be different. I ended up going for the brown stew chicken, which was good but nothing too special, and pretty steep at $12. If you’re craving Jamaican food, Ahhh Wah Gwaan will do, but it’s nothing extraordinary.

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