Rating: ★★★★☆

13633301_10154366089848011_945751895_oKochix is a small Korean fried chicken carryout located at 400 Florida Ave NW. Kochix provides a cool Korean twist on the classic DC carryout. Like typical carryouts, Kochix offers an eclectic mix of food: chicken wings, drumsticks, Asian food, fried seafood, cheesesteaks, and more. But in this case, instead of being doused in mumbo sauce, the fried chicken comes with honey spicy, honey spicy hot or soy garlic sauce. And instead of Chinese food, Korean options like bibimbap and bulgogi are on offer. Otherwise, the typical carryout atmosphere is there. There is no decor, and just a couple of stools and a very 13646658_10154366089843011_1953013212_osmall counter to sit at. I wasn’t super hungry so I ordered the three piece drumsticks with one soy garlic drumstick and two honey spicy drumstick. They were messy but delicious, and I certainly enjoyed the option of drumsticks instead of wings, since I prefer meatier drumsticks to more meager wings.

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