Rating: ★★★★★

13639903_10154355382133011_775334834_o (1)Rasika  is a fancy, haute-cuisine Indian restaurant located at 633 D St. NW,  with an additional location at 1190 New Hampshire Ave, NW. Among certain types, Rasika is known as one of the hottest restaurants in DC for its innovative and chic take on Indian food. It’s the only place where you’re likely to find truffle naan and goat cheese kulcha (both of which are excellent). Among others, it’s thought of as overrated because there is far more authentic Indian food to be found in DC. I’m sympathetic to the second point of view because I do appreciate authenticity. But I 13639503_10154355382128011_150725802_oultimately agree with the first point of view because I don’t go to a place like Rasika for traditional, authentic fare. I go there to sample innovative cuisine and Rasika does that very well.

For appetizers, we ordered the palak chaat (crispy spinach) and the Chesapeake Bay crab masala. The crab was delicious, but the palak chaat was a true gem. The spinach barely tasted like spinach because of the wonderfully crispy way it was cooked, combined with the sauce and spices they used. For my main, I ordered the duck vindaloo, which was not all that spicy for a vindaloo (that’s 13621565_10154355382118011_602605681_oone of the criticisms that people tend to level at Rasika). It was tasty, though less of a stand-out than the palak chaat. The gulab jamun with cardamom ice cream was awesome for dessert, though. I love Afghan ice cream, which is typically made with cardamom and rosewater. This ice cream just had cardamom, but when paired with the heavy dose of rosewater in the gulab jamun, it was a perfect finish to the meal.




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