Yum’s II

Rating: ★★★☆☆

imageYum’s II is a carry out located at 1413 14th St NW. There are a number of other carry outs that call themselves Yum’s, but they appear to be unrelated. Carry outs in DC are a unique breed, typically featuring such diverse options as Chinese food, subs and sometimes even pizza. They have been a staple of the District’s food scene since long before gentrification. While they may not be the most gourmet of choices, if you choose one that isn’t overly sketchy, they are convenient and cheap. The signature dish of DC carry outs (and Yum’s II is no exception in this regard) is fried chicken wings over fried rice with a condiment called mumbo sauce. imageMumbo sauce is specific to DC and Chicago and is a tangy, somewhat sweet red sauce that tasted a little like ketchup to me, but less thick. Wings with fried rice and mumbo sauce is as DC as chili halfsmokes and fried whiting sandwiches. It’s probably at least as African American as Chinese and origin and is a way to experience a slice of DC culture that has been around much longer than the truffle naan at Rasika.

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