Punjabi Dhaba

Rating: ★★★☆☆

13588691_10154344153933011_1801959242_oPunjabi Dhaba is a South Asian food truck. They do not appear to have a Twitter. This is another of the fairly nondescript kabob trucks that tends to show up outside my office on a daily basis. As I tend to do when I go to a truck like this, I order something that I have never heard of before. So I got a chapli kabob, which is a patty of minced beef or lamb. For those familiar with the Iranian/Afghan dish koobideh kabob, chapli kabob is similar but in a patty shape. It was pretty tasty, but I tend to prefer tikka kabobs instead. Tikka is Persian /Urdu/Hindi for “piece” so a chicken tikka kabob or a lamb tikka kabob means you’re getting whole chunks of meat. That doesn’t count against Punjabi Dhaba though and I appreciated the opportunity to try something new and authentic.


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