Taqueria Habanero

Rating: ★★★★★


Taqueria Habanero is a Mexican restaurant located at 3710 14th Street. DC may be known as more of a Salvadorean food town, but fear not, Mexican food lovers, the food at Taqueria Habanero is a work of art. Why spend lots of $$$ and deal with the terribly slow service at Oyamel when you can enjoy beautifully-prepared tacos, sopes and more at Taqueria Habanero for a fraction of the price. I ordered two tacos (barbacoa and pastor) and a sope with lengua, which only ran me $10 including tax and tip! The barbacoa taco was especially divine. Sopes are delicious as well; they look like tostadas but are served on a thick, soft corn tortilla so they don’t fall apart like tostadas do. I highly recommend Taqueria Habanero for delicious, fast and affordable Mexican fare.


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