Saint’s Paradise Cafeteria

Rating: ★★★★★

13523966_10154325355588011_1586193300_oSaint’s Paradise Cafeteria is a Soul Food restaurant that is part of the World Headquarters of the United House of Prayer for All People, located at 601 M St NW. This is one of the most interesting places to eat in DC since it is essentially a cafeteria attached to a black church, with a simple but bright atmosphere and pictures of clergy on the walls. Most of the crowd appears to be regulars and one curious regular checked in with me to make sure I was enjoying my food. Food options are varied and encompass many soul food classics, served cafeteria style, including fried chicken, fried whiting, fried shrimp and smothered pork chops. Items can either be ordered A la carte or as a meal, which comes with two sides and a tasty piece of cornbread. Some of the sides include the usual suspects, such 13509501_10154325355593011_1584744794_oas collard greens, mac n cheese and candied yams. I had the fried chicken breast meal with mac n cheese and collard greens. The crowd, which was almost entirely African American, looked like they had just come from church (I went on a Sunday after church myself). This is an awesome place to experience an authentic slice of DC’s African American culture (and a delicious slice of sweet potato pie) and enjoy a hearty meal at a great value. 13549140_10154325355618011_62162329_o



I have no idea what a Convocation King is but it seems like an important dude. Certainly a table setting fit for a king.


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