Washington Kabob

Rating: ★★★

13499688_10154314017753011_903465430_oWashington Kabob is a Pakistani food truck. They do not appear to have a Twitter. All of you who work Downtown like I do have been there: you see a bunch of food trucks and they look promising until you realize that it is kabob and falafel truck after kabob and falafel truck. The kabob trucks in particular tend not to score well on aesthetics and it can be hard to differentiate one from the other. That doesn’t mean the food is bad, however. I had a very tasty meal from Washington Kabob. My main tip at a kabob food truck is to find a special or other item on the menu that you have never heard of and give it a try. If the truck is Indian or Pakistani, you might find yourself having a delicious regional specialty that you’ve never encountered in a restaurant before. In the case 13515373_10154314017748011_831384659_nof Washington Kabobthis was lamb karahi, a delicious and hearty lamb curry that was flavorful and spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The hilarious and outgoing owner, who was wearing a Sox cap, called everyone boss and encouraged most passersby (especially attractive women) to come try his food in a thick Pakistani accent. This added to the fresh-off-the-boat charm of the place. If you don’t mind a truck that isn’t flashy and enjoy South Asian food, Washington Kabob will provide you with a tasty, filling, and flavorful lunch at a good price.

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