Yellow Vendor

Rating: ★★★★★

13473835_10154306406228011_1547826953_nYellow Vendor is a Korean food truck. Yes, you heard that correctly. I assume the name comes from the fact that the truck is yellow and wasn’t intended to be a politically incorrect joke, but either way I can’t help but chuckle. You can find their location on their Twitter. This is one of the most solid food trucks out there. They serve delicious Korean classics like bibimbap relatively quickly and always with a smile. At $9, the filling and delicious Bulgogi Bibimbap is a good deal by the standards of this city’s pricey food trucks, and offers a relatively nutritious, balanced lunch.  Unlike many of the other food trucks, the owners 13474182_10154306406253011_1750415064_nof Yellow Vendor are actually Korean, and are an adorable older couple at that. Highly recommended.

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