Sushi AOI

Rating: ★★★☆☆




The Lycheetini was a winner.


Sushi AOI is a Japanese restaurant located at 1100 New York Ave NW. This is truly a tale of two reviews, which average out to three stars. The drinks would get four or five stars while the sushi itself would get one or two. This place is a favorite of my colleagues for the excellent happy hour drink specials, including cheap prices on Asahi and $7 “Happy Tinis,” which are a selection of sweet martini cocktails. Since I am secure in my manhood, I ordered a delightfully pink and Lycheetini, which was delicious, beautiful and flavorful. The sushi was a totally different story. I ordered a white tuna roll, which was cheap during happy


The white tuna roll was every bit as bad as it looks. I’m sure Hanaya Yohei would be rolling in his grave.

hour at $5, but apparently you get what you pay for. It was clearly bad quality fish and definitely ranks among the worst tuna rolls I’ve ever had (I’ve had white tuna before and enjoyed it in the past). In fact, most supermarket sushi I’ve had has been significantly better than this was. So in summary, come here for the drinks (especially if you can sit outside on a nice day) but give the sushi a miss.


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