Maki Shop (Food Truck)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

13509461_10154306248118011_429890632_oMaki Shop is a food truck that primarily serves large sushi handrolls. You can find the food truck’s daily location on their Twitter, and they also have a brick and mortar location at 1522 14th Street NW, near Logan Circle.  I ordered both the beef short rib handroll, as well as the salmon handroll. I enjoyed the salmon more than the beef short rib, since cold ribs inside a sushi roll aren’t nearly as tasty as ribs served hot. They were essentially going for a handroll take on 13509364_10154306248113011_372192892_oKorean galbi, by pairing the short ribs with kimchi, romaine and carrots. It is worth noting that the handrolls are not made to order while you wait. Instead, they are pre-wrapped with the seaweed separate from the rice and other contents in order to keep the seaweed crisp and fresh. This definitely has a time advantage in that you will get your food right away, without the interminable wait at other food trucks. On the other hand, it means it’s less ultra-fresh than rolls prepared while you wait. I also ordered the mochi ice cream, which was pretty small for the price. If you enjoy handrolls and want to grab something super quick, Maki Shop will get the job done. That said, I’d rather get my rolls made fresh at Buredo.

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